Book Online and Be Your Own Travel Agent

The travel agency business has undergone big changes, mostly due to the existence of online travel sites and the ease of online booking. Those travel agents still have a few good tricks up their sleeves, but with a little diligence, you can find the best deal on your own.

Don’t play favorites

Many travelers have a particular favorite travel web site where they book their tickets, and they may even have a favorite airline. But fares change so quickly, and deals come and go-so in fact, no single online travel agent will be able to consistently give you the best deal, every time.

Check multiple airlines and multiple online travel agencies, and you’ll be surprised at how much prices can vary. A trip from Chicago to Bangkok may range from $1,200 to $5,000 on the same day, depending on the source.

When you see a deal, grab it

Fares not only change quickly, they also get booked quickly. It won’t be unusual for you to see a good deal on a flight to Bali, for example, only to come back a few hours later to find that the price has gone up by several hundred dollars. A good strategy is to first survey several sites to get a feel for what an average price range would be for your desired flight. Using that average price range as a base point, when you see a flight that is near the bottom of that range (or even below it), grab it as soon as you can.

Get a good seat

When you use a live travel agent, she can usually find you the best seat-but you can do this yourself as well when booking online. Many of the online travel sites, as well as the airlines themselves, allow for seat selection immediately after purchase. You can select generically-that is, choose either a window or aisle seat-or drill down to more detail and select the exact seat you prefer by looking at a seat map. You may encounter some situations where seat selection cannot be made online, but don’t worry. You can buy your ticket online and enjoy the best price, and then after purchase, call the airline’s toll-free number directly and ask for a seat selection.

Book at the airline, or through online travel site?

If you know what airline you’re traveling on, then you can book directly on the airline’s web site-although the downside to booking direct is that you’re not able to compare prices with other airlines, and that’s where your best deals are going to be found.

Frequent flier miles

If you book through an online travel site, you can still get your frequent flier miles. In some cases, you will be able to enter your frequent flier number directly when you book, but even if this is not an option, you’re not out of luck. Regardless of where you bought your ticket, all you need to do is present your frequent flier card when you check in to have your miles applied to your account.

If you do book your ticket directly at the airline’s web site as opposed to a third-party travel site, you’ll be able to enter in your frequent flier number at the time you book your ticket, and you may also get a bonus for booking direct.

Online security

Purchasing airline tickets, or anything else for that matter, has become widely accepted, and is just as secure as handing your credit card to a live person over the counter. When you go to enter in your personal information, you will notice that the URL window in your browser has an “https” prefix instead of “http,” which means that you are on a secure connection. If you don’t see this, then move onto another site. You will need to register on the site as well. This simply makes you a “member” of the site, and you may be asked if you’d like to receive occasional email promotions or newsletters. Registration also will recall your name and personal preferences to make subsequent ordering faster. When you select a password, remember to choose one that is difficult-don’t use your name, or something easy to guess. Passwords should include both alpha and numeric characters.

Online Check-in

Most airlines will also allow for online check-in, which can save you time, and permit seat selection or pre-ordering of meals. Typically with a boarding pass that you print out yourself from the web site, the procedure involves verifying the document, dropping off your luggage at a designated counter, and going on your way. Typically, it saves a significant amount of time over the traditional check-in counter. The online check-in is available for several Asian airlines, such as AirAsia and Singapore Airlines. Some European discount carriers have made it compulsory, but none of the major Asian airlines have gone this route, instead focusing on simply making the online check-in available for those who want it.


Most airlines now use electronic tickets, and charge extra for sending you a paper ticket. In most cases, there is no need for a paper ticket, and all you need to do is show your ID to get your boarding pass. There are also ticket kiosks for obtaining your e-ticket which can help you avoid a long wait in line. When you use the kiosk, you will be directed to insert your credit card. You must present the same card you used to book your ticket, or the kiosk won’t process your e-ticket. The credit card at this point is for ID purposes only.

Changing your mind

Once you’ve booked your ticket online, you’ll get an email confirmation, usually within the hour. Be sure to check the details carefully. Making a change to your itinerary may not be able to be done online; it may be necessary to call the airline directly-and there may be a fee involved for making the change.

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Travel and Tourism Career Training Possibilities Online

Career education programs are available online for those who can’t commit to attending traditional classes. Deciding to pursue a career in the hospitality field can give students the chance to gain the skills they need to enter the workforce. Knowledge learned will prepare students to seek employment in the specialized area of their choice. Online schools and colleges provide students with the opportunity to obtain an accredited education in travel and tourism. By doing so students can pursue a number of careers by obtaining various certificates and degrees.

Students can learn a number of things prior to enrollment in an online training program.
The level of education students choose to obtain will decide on the career possibilities available to them. Coursework will also depend on the level of education and desired career of each student. Students can prepare to work with people providing travel services and information when needed. Studies can be completed from the comforts of home at the students own leisure, allowing students to continue their current employment.
Obtaining an education will prepare students to seek the employment that they dream of.

Degree Options

Online career training programs can be completed at a variety of levels. Each individual student will need to complete the degree program that is necessary for their desired career. Training options can include earning a:

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Students who pursue an education at these levels will be able to prepare for the successful career they need in travel and tourism. These levels of education can be completed by studying and passing all required courses.

Students will be required to study various subjects based on the career they long for and the level of education being pursued. Accredited online training will allow students to attend courses in accounting, reservation systems, bookkeeping, travel destinations, cruise lines, sales techniques, and other subjects that related to specific careers in this field. Learning the skills and knowledge provided by these courses will prepare students for an exciting travel and tourism career.


There are numerous career possibilities when it comes to working in the hospitality field. Students who choose to gain an accredited online education have a number of career options to pick from. Training will prepare students to work in hospitality as travel and tourism managers, travel coordinators, travel agents, travel clerks, and other professions in this field. By pursuing the online educational training needed to enter into these careers, students will be on their way to seeking successful employment.

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Researching and Booking Hotels Online

When planning a holiday, it’s always difficult to know where to stay: how do you pick a hotel you’ve never experienced in an area of a city you might never have visited before? Staying in the right place is a key part of your trip; having comfortable surroundings and being in the right location is crucial for both the holidaymaker and the business traveler.

There are so many sites that offer online travel advice, its hard to know where to start! But next time you’re searching for a hotel to stay in, be sure to check out the following:


Wikitravel is a great starting point for any traveller. The site provides information from a traveler’s perspective and offers useful advice in relation to where to eat and what to do in any given area. Larger cities are split into smaller districts, and on choosing which district you want to stay in, you are offered hotel options to suit your style and budget.


Expedia has a directory of over 80,000 places to stay world-wide and can help you narrow down your search and find the right accommodation. It’s worth remembering that choosing a hotel on price alone is never a great idea. Hotels that are further away from attractions and amenities are usually the cheapest, but as location is a very important factor of any holiday it might be worth paying a little more to be located centrally. The handy map feature on expedia allows you to see exactly where the available rooms are located, letting you weigh up price against location.


Venere lets you filter your search results down to help pinpoint the perfect hotel for you. The filters include budget, type of accommodation and star rating, although generally photos give a better indicator of just how good a hotel is. When looking at photos of rooms, it’s worth cross checking these with recent reviews of the hotel, just to ensure that the photos are not only recent, but also a genuine representation of the room you will receive upon your arrival.


One of the best places to find customer reviews online is TripAdvisor, which has over 75 million reviews, tips and opinions from every type of traveller from around the world. TripAdvisor gives travelers the opportunity to rate hotels, share photos and videos and connect socially with other travellers. is the leading online travel agent and attracts over 30 million unique visitors each month. Offering over 253,441 hotels in 178 countries, the site aims to help travelers discover the best places to stay. Targeted at business and leisure travelers alike, the site scores hotels based on user reviews, which are broken down into categories such as comfort, location, value for money etc.. Hotels can also be filtered by the type of person who left the review – such as families with young children, solo travellers or large groups.

When it comes to booking your chosen hotel, you might think that online travel agents offer the best deals, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Booking direct with a hotel presents many advantages:

- You may be able to find exclusive promotions which aren’t offered on travel agent sites

- Some hotels offer frequent guest points and frequent flyers miles

- Hotels provide guest recognition, meaning the hotel will already know your likes and dislikes if you’ve stayed there before

- Having a direct point of contact at a hotel makes it easier to amend or cancel bookings

- Booking verification is instant as there’s no third party to confuse matters.

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Earn A Degree Online To Become An Travel Agent

If you are a person who likes to travel and get to know the world, a career in traveling industries will combine your interest with a rewarding and challenging career. A degree that specialized for travel agent provides the required skills and knowledge that will enable you to move your career in this field. Did you know you can get a degree to become a travel agent from your comfort home through online education?

Most travel agents’ positions required a minimum of high school diploma or an equivalent certification as the education qualification for the jobs. These certifications will enable you to hold a position such as a reservation and transportation ticket agent or travel clerk. If you have a related degree especially majoring in travel/tourism specialization, you will have a greater advantage to compete for a higher position with more rewarding income. When you have earned your degree and become a travel/tourism specialist, there are plenty of career options for you to choose for; you can choose to work for an airline, cruise line, resort hotel, be a tour guide or start your own travel agency.

There are many online degree programs that can prepare you for career in traveling field. One of the popular online schools that offers travel agent’s degree program is The School of Penn Foster. With Penn Foster distance learning program, you will learn how to become a travel/tourism specialist, from your comfort home and at your own pace. The courses covered in this degree program are focused on the systems used in travel agency such as computerized reservation systems and various tour/vacation packages that include the key tourist destinations throughout the world. All these are the knowledge and skills required for your future career as a travel agent.

The key advantages of earning the degree online are flexibility that allows you plan your own learning schedule and convenient because you can logon to the online classes from anywhere you like. Online education can be a better option if you are a working individual who does not have a fixed working schedule or unable to go home on time, or need to travel frequently for job assignments; wherever you are, you still can logon to the school’s online system to attend classes, download learning materials or upload completed assignments.

We know that having a related working experience and education qualification are the two important factors to achieve our career goal. By earning your degree online, you can choose to work at the traveling firm to gain your experience in this field while pursuing the travel agent’s degree online. Working experience, required skills and knowledge can be obtained at the same time; these are among the benefits by getting your degree online.

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Important Aspects of Online Ticket Reservations

Traveling is really a wonderful experience that helps you in exploring wonderful places, historical locations or even unimaginable destinations. It has gained even more fame with the growth of a number of online travel portals, offering a set of comfortable packages to the customers. Anyone who has a computer or laptop and a good proficiency in using the Internet can book the tickets online rather than going out to get the tickets.

Recently, there have been a lot of packages offered by the online travel agencies that make you check out any deals on the Internet first before wasting your time driving to your local travel agent’s office. On the other hand, although the process is simple, there are few occasions where you can get frustrated while searching for the best deal available. This can happen when you don’t go to the right place looking for a suitable ticket. If you are jumping from one website to another in search for your best deal, it can take a long time to find one. By not doing it right, sometimes you will end up not purchasing the cheapest ticket available. It can be tricky if you are not aware of what you are doing.

One of the main benefits that an individual gains from online booking is the availability of different options and instantaneous access to a comprehensive detailed list of hotels, flights, trains, buses or whatever. For example, if an individual wishes to only choose between lists of business class flights or to stay in a hotel ranked three stars or above, a narrowed search is easily achieved with the touch of a button. Another advantage is the vast collection of information on the Internet which helps them select the best packages for holidays. The users do not have to worry about the booking of tickets and hotels separately as it will be already included in the packages. They just have to choose the suitable packages.

Booking the flights, cruises, train, etc. for planning the travel is very hectic. You have to kill your time in selecting the right transportation. Finding the schedule of the airlines to the particular places is quite difficult and it takes a lot of time to search the Internet for collecting the relevant information. This work can be made easy by choosing the online travel sites where you can browse all the information related to the travel with ease. Online travel portals provide the best cheap deals even with accommodations thereby cutting down the lodging charges and making the rooms available at reasonable rates.

In addition to all these benefits mentioned above, there are some sorts of difficulties too. All the online travel sites may not be the same. So, it is important for an end-user to browse through the different online travel portal and find the most reliable one to fulfill the needs.

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A Brief Introduction of Small Business Administration Loans

The Small Business Administration enters into partnership with multiple lending organizations in order to provide diverse loans to the startup companies. In fact, this organization does not offer them directly to these companies, but this type of organization gives the guarantee that a certain portion of their total amount will be paid back by the organization even if they are unable to pay them back within the scheduled period of time.

Unlike the traditional lending organizations, this organization usually does not verify the business records of their borrowers prior to the money lending procedure. It means that anyone who suffers due to poor credit record has the scope to get this kind of fund without any kind of difficulty. This article will highlight on different types of SBA loans that are available for the borrowers in order to fulfill their requirements in the best possible way.

SBA 7 (a) loan is designed with the purpose to provide money to the borrower who wants to buy devices or furniture or who want money for other purposes such as house renovation, debt repayment and so on. Its maturity is ten years for repayment of capital and its period of repayment is twenty five years.

SBA 504 loan is often used for multiple purposes such as purchase of fixed assets, renovation of fixed assets and so on. Its amount varies from one million dollar to four million dollars. Unlike SBA 7 (a) loan, it is designed where the Small Business Administration provides forty percent of its total amount and the borrower pays ten percent of its total amount as collateral. It is vital to remember that this type of fund is used for development of the community while the other types of funds are used for development of business in the rural areas.

Unlike other kinds of funds, the Small Business Administration employs a different approach with their microloan programs. If you want to acquire this type of fund, there is possibility that this type of organization does not give money directly to the borrowers. In fact, this kind of organization offers money to the non-profit associations who often lend money to the startup companies at their discretion. Its amount is thirty five thousand dollars and its term is six years. It is vital to remember that this kind of fund cannot be used for repayment of existing debt or for purchase of valuable property. In fact, it can be used in order to fulfill diverse business purposes such as purchase of equipment, devices, capital and so on.If you acquire this type of fund, it is vital that you should be able to enjoy a few important benefits such as a fast application process, lucrative amount, flexible terms and variable rates of interest.

Those who have faced disaster can get the disaster fund that is offered by the Small Business Administration. In fact, this type of fund can be utilized in order to repair the device, damaged property and other relevant purposes.

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Top 2 Reasons For Business Loan Denials

For the previous five years, there has been an increase in commercial financing sources in the US. Specifically, there has been a proliferation in the alternative lending market that fills the need of business owners that do not have the credit (personal or business) or operating capacity to gain approval for traditional bank financing. Although helpful for the short-term, many of these alternative lending sources “trap” business owners into loan structures with high payoffs and abnormally high interest rates. These two factors often cause the firm more harm than anticipated by restricting and sometimes significantly decreasing free cash flow. Traditional bank financing is still the best option for business owners due to the low-cost of the money and the flexibility for mitigating issues with repayment and payoff. In this article, we will focus on the Top 2 Reasons for Business Loan Denials in order to equip business owners with the information to produce and present business loan proposals that are concise, relevant, and factual.

(1) Unresolved Personal and Business Credit Profile (High Credit Risk)

Most business owners and individuals do not have a solid understanding of their credit profiles. Although banks have become more proprietary in their credit risk rating systems, the foundation still remains the credit report for both consumers and businesses. It’s not only enough to know your credit profile, but you must also have valid explanations for any issues reported. Ideally, you want to resolve as much as possible these issues before submitting your business loan proposal.

Your personal and business credit profile also presents a pattern of repayment for the lender and represents a key component of approving the business loan. If the credit reports show a pattern of non repayment or not paying as agreed mostly, then the chances of a business loan denial are fairly high. One way to improve your repayment pattern is to either close unused or unnecessary credit lines or decrease existing credit amounts like credit cards or open lines of credit where applicable.

(2) No Business Plan Equals No Proof (High Management Risk)

Lenders like to see that business owners are organized and focused in their business, and a great way to disclose this is to present a solid business plan. This plan should highlight in the Executive Summary your business goals especially those that include the proposed loan. Many times loan proposals consist of a phone call or brief conversation with the lender with nothing in writing. Always provide the lender with a brief write-up either disclosing the loan opportunity or a business plan that includes an explanation of how the loan proceeds are utilized and repaid.

Also, describe the opportunity to obtain financing as a means to an end. In the past, I’ve experienced how entrepreneurs only offered plans disclosing how and why the financing was needed without going into much disclosure of anything else. In order to improve your chances of receiving approval, give the banker a full picture of the financing’s impact for both the short and long-term. is an online platform that specializes in providing expert level advice and guidance to the micro entrepreneur in the areas of accounting / finance, operations, management, sales and marketing, human resources, and lending in order to help grow your business and maximize your cash flow.

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Benefits of Credit Card Machines for Business

Other than credit card machines, technology has produced many notable effects, including the credit card machine. In the 21st century, people open themselves up to technology from the very center of their being. It has the added benefit of leading to an increase in the use of credit and debit cards. Additionally, the coronavirus’ arrival has also contributed to the increased use of contactless transactions. EMV cards are replacing magistrate premium cards. EMV chip cards give you the ability to make contactless payments. The merchants must have advanced payment terminals to accept such payments.

Credit and debit cards are used almost exclusively in today’s business world. To take your business to the next level, you must associate it with a credit card machine. The processing and payment services you need for online sales include a merchant processor that provides you with an online payment gateway. There will always be online modes that people will prefer to use, regardless of the volume of transactions. As a result, you have to use an advanced piece of equipment, such as a credit card machine, in tandem with your business.


Just because we’re living in the 21st century, it’s impossible to conceive of life without modern technology. A large number of businessmen prefer to stick to established business models. However, sometimes you have to alter your plans according to the current situation. This means that you need to be one step ahead of everyone else in the business. You will lose customers otherwise. An establishment that gets access to a credit card machine will enjoy countless benefits. Listed the benefits; so, don’t miss the following:

Obtain Legal Recognition for Your Company:

Accepting card payments using digital payment terminals is a legitimate business practice, so it should help your company a lot. The card brand name will be printed on the POS, and thus the customers will have no problem noticing it. This logo will be featured on the same online marketplace as well. The greater the number of customers from outside the country, the more money you’ll make.

Increase Your Profitability:

To accept various forms of payment, like credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more, use a credit card machine at your business. Creating a positive impression on your customers is quite simple, but it also keeps your customers loyal. A credit card machine, thus granting flexibility in the ecosystem of online payment, provides customers with many payment options, thus allowing them to pay bills in various ways.

How to stay ahead of the competition:

Many businessmen have not yet fully embraced digital equipment, making small-business models in the early stages of transition. To accept online payments, your business equipment must be upgraded. If customers are no longer carrying cash, you can outpace your competitors. Research has shown that when customers use their cards to make a purchase, they spend more. Additionally, because you will make a substantial profit from accepting card payments, it’s highly recommended that you do so.

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Super Visa Insurance Monthly Pay North York

Note: SV is Super Visa

What is a Canadian Super Visa?

It is a Visa for parents or grandparents. It is a temporary resident permit that allows parents and grandparents to stay for up to 2 years in Canada per visit. Issued for parents and grandparents of citizens or permanent residents in Canada. It has validity for up to 10 years. A regular multiple-entry visa is also valid for up to 10 years, but only allows stays of up to 6 months per visit.

What is the processing time of a Super Visa?

The approximate processing time of a SV is short and takes almost 8 weeks. There are also specific requirements that one must meet before applying for a SV.

What Are The Mandatory Requirements To Apply for This Visa?

The govt of Canada has laid down some mandatory rules for parents and grandparents to apply for a SV. Those rules are,
1) Proof of their relationship with the child or grandchild who must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
2) A copy of the child’s or grandchild’s birth certificate.
3) A proof of medical examination document.
4) An official document naming the applicant as the parent.
5) A satisfactory evidence of a private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company valid for one year from the date of entry.

Can The Parents Or Grandparents Work With A Super Visa?

No, the parents or grandparents are not permitted to work as their visa has the same restrictions as a visit visa holder.

What is a SV Insurance?

With the above information provided, now we know to whom a SV is issued and who apply for a SV. Not only the parents and grandparents require a SV, but also a medical insurance before entering Canada. The medical insurance should be no less than CAD $100,000 in coverage for health care, hospitalization and repatriation. This step is mandatory for the SV applicants.

SV applicants have to submit a proof of purchasing a medical insurance from a private insurance company.

There are a lot of medical insurance companies in Canada and North York has also got the best ones. People can go for SV insurance monthly pay North York. This facility of monthly pay gives a convenience of paying insurance charges monthly. This facility of monthly pay gives a convenience of paying insurance charges monthly.

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Setrega – A Global Analytical Regulatory Platform

Setrega is the Global Regulatory Analytical Platform which provides a comprehensive solution to the financial institutions for complying with one or more Regulatory Authorities. Through highly customizable and end-to-end automation, Setrega helps clients to configure Reporting Data, Reporting API, Connecting/Integrating Settings, Report Generation Requirements, Report Validation Requirements, Report Submission Mode and Feedback Management. As a Global Regulatory Analytical Platform, Setrega is designed to integrate with any financial services firms to receive regulatory data and process them to regulatory reports in specific formats with minimum customization effort.

Currently, all financial institutions are facing problems with dynamic changes in regulatory requirements, implementation risks associated with regulatory reporting and managing regulatory report error handling. All financial institutions are forced to adapt to these challenges and continuously seek for solutions which are cost-effective and accurate, with real-time feedback management. Sensiple’s Setrega fits into this emerging environment by supporting multiple Regulatory Authorities with an end-to-end automated solution.

Regulation Complied Preconfigured – ESMA – MIFIR/MiFID II, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (SFC) etc.,
Significant benefits of the Global Regulatory Analytical Platform are,

Automation Capability

Financial Institutions gets the advantage of preparing and submitting regulatory reports without manual effort.

Comply with new Regulations without risk

Setrega provides flexible data source configuration, API mapping and reporting format changes with minimum customization in product level which ensures relief from regulatory and compliance risks for the financial institutions working in various regions.


Depending on the Institutions type like Buy Side/ Sell Side/venues, Setrega is scalable in terms of increasing number of connections, the humongous volume of data, more number of reports and formats, increased number of submission modes and regulatory authorities.


Handling a large volume of data gives challenges in managing data to auditing; Setrega makes it more accessible by allowing the clients to have full control over data by powerful data transparency method.


Setrega act as a one-stop shop for all regulatory reporting for financial institutions. A vastly informative dashboard in Setrega provides all historical, current and scheduled regulatory reports and its internal & external statuses in graphical and tabular representations.

Regional Coverage

Financial firms who run their business across the globe get benefited from Setrega as one solution solves all the regulatory and compliance needs. It is successfully verified with major regulatory frameworks like MiFID II and NFA (National Futures Association) and regulatory authorities like SEC and SFC.

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